The condition of your hull/pontoons will determine where you fall within the price range.

Welding services are available at an extra charge per hour

Jake’s Marine Service and Storage is the only facility in close proximity to Lake Mohave that provides comprehensive services for houseboats. We provide for oversize hauling and launching and complete houseboat refurbishing. Current National Park Service regulations through our Incidental business permits allows Jake’s Marine to perform these services

Houseboat Refurbishing: Above The Water Line

Carpeting, Canvas, and any other services made available at your request.

Hull or Pontoon Refurbishing

Prices range from $50.00 to $70.00 linear foot for Sherwin Williams Duraplate 235. Duraplate 235 is a very durable two-part epoxy. This price includes: sandblast and durable paint surface including labor.

Houseboat Hauling; Retrieving and Launch

Boats requiring oversize permits/hauling with tractor trailer: $450 each way for first hour and a half. $100 per hour will be charged for each subsequent hour.

Removing davits with forklift; an additional charge of $80.00.

Jake's Marine Service and Storage is located 8 minutes from Katherine Landing and 5 minutes from Davis Camp. For more information please contact us either via E-Mail or call us at 928-754-1142